BauderTHERMOPLAN is a modern waterproofing system of uncompromising quality made of FPO-PP. It sets benchmarks in the areas of safety, ease of installation and longevity, and has gained an outstanding reputation in practice over many years.

The high-quality, innovative flat roof membranes are manufactured according to the state of the art at the Schwepnitz plant: with proven Bauder quality and expertise.

Interesting facts ...

What is BauderTHERMOPLAN?

BauderTHERMOPLAN roofing membranes based on the FPO-PP material were introduced in 1997 and have a proven track record. The high-quality waterproofing system incorporates outstanding ecological characteristics and exceptional technical parameters.

BauderTHERMOPLAN is manufactured in a single production step using the very latest in extrusion technology. The synthetic fibre reinforcement lends the membranes high strength and optimum expansion characteristics.

BauderTHERMOPLAN is universally applicable, secured mechanically or with ballast. The membranes a fire-retardant top layer for Broof (t1) and (t3), are root-resistant and are not susceptible to micro-organisms.

BauderTHERMOPLAN is made from a high-quality alloy of special PP copolymers.