The lightweight roof waterproofing used for industrial or hall construction projects often only has to meet basic to average requirements. Bauder offers a wide variety of system solutions based on PVC-P for this purpose. The single-ply waterproofing with Bauder THERMOFOL meets all current standard requirements and can be used with confidence for new builds, but also for refurbishment.

Interesting facts ...

Laying synthetic membranes.

Synthetic roofing membranes are primarily installed in the loosely laid system.

Positional fixing can be achieved by mechanical means or by application of a suitable ballast. If the membranes are to be fastened mechanically, a plan for fastening the margins, main area, or lines is drawn up in accordance with DIN 1055-2005 Part 4. For ballasted systems, only specially designed and tested roofing membranes may be used.

The particular loads such as standing water, micro-organisms and root growth are the factors that define the roof waterproofing to be used for this particular application.

The low membrane thicknesses and the targeted features of the products make synthetic roofing membranes an efficient, long-lasting and safe waterproofing system.